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There is something you should know about us_

Wir passen nicht ins System. Wir stehen am Rand.

#1 Mindset

Our mindset?
Growth oriented_

We break rules. We disrupt. We challenge.

#2 Approach

Our approach?
We improvise_

We have no rulebook. We learn. We adapt.

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We provide smart and flexible digital app services_

Our area of expertise:

App Development

We develop your iOS/Android app. Based on a very lean and agile development process. We  actively involve you in the development process. You will see results from day 0.

App Advisory

We advise you on your app project. We help you to find your unique place in the app store. We help you on your business model. Our network involves business professionals in all industries and areas. We connect you.

App Marketing

We market your app. We create a marketing/content/sales strategy. We build landing pages for apps. We continously optimize your marketing strategy.

App Analytics

We provide you with all the analytical data around your app. To help you to make sophisticated decisions.

Stephen Hawking

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change_

Our area of expertise:

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Phone: +43 664 2851824
Address: Blütenstraße 23/9/66, 4040 Linz, Austria